Jeff and the Squirrel Compostable Pin Badge | Crazy Cat Person

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and Jeff and the Squirrel’s fully biodegradable pin badges are the perfect example of that. Fun, beautiful and ultimately designed to return to whence it came from nature. Available for huggers, planet lovers, dog lovers and even boss bitches, they are simply perfect stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts!


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We just love Jeff and the Squirrel badges because like all the best products they have a wonderful story and come from the heart. A small, eco friendly business based in Yorkshire, everything is designed by Stevie who had to reinvent her self from wedding photographer to stationery designer thanks to the pandemic. But we are glad she did! Her products are beautiful and totally uniquely compostable.

Made from wood, the biodegradable badges is 100% eco friendly! The mould is made from responsibly sourced wood using only solar energy. The mylar coating contains ZERO plastic and is made from corn starch. The manufacturing process is completely carbon neutral and the whole product can be composted after use. The backing card is made using 100% recycled card.

Size :  56mm wide

  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic-Free
  • Naturally Renewable Resources
  • Vegan

Made in :  UK

Ingredients : wood, corn starch, water-based inks

Directions: Standard metal pin to secure. Very lightweight for use on clothes.