Our main objective when sourcing products is that they will genuinely reduce waste and use of resource in every day life.

Most products are those that we have tried and tested ourselves, and ones that we know adhere to certain ethical principles such as fair-trade, fair wages, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Many of our products will also have been sourced from small independent producers and where possible from a UK source.

We source and retail all of our products in good faith, and are not responsible for misinformation passed to us by our suppliers.

However, we believe we have a small and high quality range of products that will genuinely reduce your impact on the environment in some way.





We won’t sell you anything that you don’t need We won’t try to sell you more than you need. We will source our products in good faith looking for the highest environmental and ethical standards. We will keep our prices transparent, fair and affordable.


We believe that we should always help those less fortunate than ourselves. We will therefore provide a percentage of our profits to the Trussell Trust and other selected charities and will actively promote products that also give back their profits to charitable causes.



Our blog was born out of love of research and sharing that knowledge with others for the good of all. If you have any questions at all about waste reduction, recycling or environmental issues, we’d love you to get in touch

We really look forward to serving you and helping you on your journey to live a more resourceful and informed life.