Reusable Face Wipes – Set of 5 – Mummy’s Marvellous Makes

Reusables make so much sense, and none more so than reusable wipes. They are far more environmentally friendly and also a very worthwhile investment as you can use them over and over again! You’ll save yourself money in the process. These reusable face wipes are gorgeous as well, and you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else. A set of 5 will see you through the week and you can rewash again and again.


These gorgeous hand made washable and reusable face wipes come in a variety of beautiful cotton prints. Buy some for yourself or they are a perfect gift idea.
Backed with soft terry-towelling on the reverse they are perfect for sensitive skin and for use around the eye area.

They make so much more sense than disposable face wipes and can be washed for reuse again and again. Not only does that benefit the environment but the purse/wallet too.

Choose from a range of beautiful fabrics. Matching eye make up remover pads and laundry bags available too.

Hand-made by the lovely Kelly who now works full time producing an amazing range of products.

Pack Size : 5 x 4 inch wipes

  • reusable
  • handmade
  • homemade
  • plastic free

Directions for Use : Use in the same way as you would any other face wipe either with your regular cleanser or soap and water and then pop in the laundry.

Care Instructions :  Simply rinse well after use by either hand or machine. It is recommended to place the face wipes in a mesh bag when using a washing machine as they are quite small. The pads can be tumble dried, but using your washing line or window sill will work just as well.

Ingredients : cotton

Made in : UK by hand