Re-usable Natural Fibre Ecoffee Cup

We all know the stats about single-use coffee cups – 99% of them will never be recycled, so carrying your own makes ultimate sense! The Ecoffee Cup is a perfectly portable, reusable alternative made from natural plant fibres. It’s light, it’s bright and lovely to drink from with no strange aftertaste. Made to the highest ethical and environmental standards by a company that wants to do the right thing!


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Ecoffee Cup is made with more than 97.5% natural materials. Unlike many bamboo fibre products which consist of up to 60% melamine. Ecoffee Cup products have been independently tested and verified by UK test house, Intertek to contain <3% melamine.

Ecoffee Cups are made from a composite of natural fibre, non-GMO corn starch and a plant-based resin derived from aloe and soybean­ extract.

The natural fibre is upcycled from materials previously burned by farmers. These materials are plentiful and do not require any form of forest or food-compromise farming.

The sleeves and lids are made from pure, latex-free food-grade silicone, sourced from oxygen and silica (sand).

Ecoffee Cup products are tested regularly in Europe by independent test houses, Intertek and TUV Rheinland, to comply with EU (LFGB) Food Contact regulations (EC) No. 1935/2004 and (EC) No.10/ 2011.

Ecoffee Cups are not designed to keep your coffee hot but as a replacement for single-use to-go cups. It should, however, keep your drink warm for up to 40 minutes – more than enough time for your walk to work or the school run.

  • Plastic-free
  • Sustainable Sourced
  • Naturally Renewable Resources
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable (via Terracycle)
  • Latex Free

Size : 12oz or 350 ml (regular coffee cup – Tall in Starbucks)

Directions for Use : Fill with liquid to a maximum of 100 degrees celsius. Replace lid. Turn lid tab to drink or remove stopper from centre to replace with a straw. Not suitable for microwaves unless marked.

Care Instructions : Clean in the top shelf of the dishwasher or handwash.

Made in : China

Ingredients : composite natural fibre, non-GMO corn starch, plant-based resin derived from aloe and soybean extract, latex-free food grade silicone, sourced from oxygen and silica (sand).