Cotton Reusable Tea Bag

The simplest way to avoid trying to work out which tea bags contain plastic! Reusable, organic and very very convenient as you an add your favourite tea! You an even pre-fill it and carry it around in your hand bag if that’s what floats your boat and you are as fussy about your tea as I am.

  • GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Use with loose tea or herbs




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An organic reusable tea bag. Made of Global Organic Textile Standards certified organic cotton.  It comes with a draw string to seal in the tea which doubles up as a way of pulling the tea bag out of the mug or pot. The string is natural unbleached cotton, with no dye.

To use just add the required quantity of loose tea, pour over boiling water and allow to brew in the normal way. You can then dispose of the tea leaves – in your compost if you wish – rinse or wash and use again.

To hand wash turn the tea bag inside out and make sure all the leaves are removed. You can soak in cold water if you would like to keep your bag pristine in colour, Hand wash the tea bag with some washing up detergent, rinse and line dry.

To deep clean, soak the tea bag for a few hours in vinegar and water, 1 part vinegar to two parts water. If the tea bag was used for tea with milk – hand wash after each use. If no milk, rinse and reuse 1-2 times (same day) and then hand wash.

Enjoy a lovely cuppa plastic-free!